"Properties Are Our Profession!"

We take our role as a service provider very seriously and serve our clients on an individual basis according to their specific needs. We work with both modern and traditional techniques and instruments. In addition, we employ our exclusive network as well as the knowlwdge we have acquired over vears of dedicated service.


We want to bring the right people together for each project. This requires not only professional expertise, but also empathy and intuition. And we possess the paramount skill to ensure smooth communication: We are careful listeners. 


We see ourselves as a partner to our clients. This means that we are honest and fair, and we work reliably and adhere to our commitments. Representimg our own point of view unobtrusively, we involve our clients consistently over the course of the process.


We enjoy our work. Our persons in charge - both our principals as well as our interested parties - are aware of this. This enables us to achieve the best possible results, even in challenging situations.


"Properties Are Our Profession!"

Misdroyer Str. 31 A
14199 Berlin
Telefon: 030/70 08 66 20 030/70 08 66 20
Fax: 030/70 08 66 21

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