References - Assorted Samples

  • "Beisheim-Center " at Potsdamer Platz: Investor: Immago AG, Baar, Switzerland: 50 high-end-apartments  with up to 580 sq m living space.


  • "Leben in Mariendorf", Investor: DB Real Estate Invest (Deutsche Bank Group): 52 terraced houses and 141 condominiums.


  • "Historische Siedlung Siemensstadt", a project managed by HPE Hausbau GmbH & Co. KG by order of Peabody Group/Cargill, later:  GE: Privatisation/development of former rented apartments and terraced houses, construction, renewal and rehabilitation measures.


  • Townhouses in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, Investor: Concepta Haus.


  • Gagfah/Fortress: Strategic analysis of their Berlin`s real -state -portfolio.


  • Real estates of medium-sized industries: Sales in Berlin and southern Germany


  • There is also a large number of  private houses, villas and condominiums sold that are not listed here for reasons of confidentiality.
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