Our Services In The Context Of Private Real Estates

Are you interested in selling your real estate property?


Then BÖHMKE IMMOBILIEN is probably the best choice for you. With almost transparency, individually tailored service and the highest discretion, we will find the right buyer for your property.


We have a steady supply of specific purchase requests from prospective buyers. 


Professional marketing:

In addition to creating particular informative repots, we will feature your property in popular online real estate portals and place advertisements in the target-group specific press. 


Real estate services:

Putting our welth of experience to good use, we will find the best possible purchase price for your property. Furthermore, we assist you in a host of ways, including arranging viewing appointments, creating reservations, providing drafted natarial contracts according to the recent case law, and being present when the keys are finally handed over. 

Contact us:


Simply fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Or call us at +49 30 70086620.

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